Whistle Blowing

Often referred to as ‘speak up’ or ‘doing the right thing’, this is one of the key strategies that businesses can employ to facilitate disclosure of wrong doing, suspected fraud, and any health and safety, or human resource issues that may be of concern.

Once in place this creates and encourages an environment where reporting is the norm and the barriers and perceived stigma of coming forward are minimised.

No particular method is prescribed for such disclosures, which can include telephone, e-mail, or post, as well as in person. Although not a requirement, consideration should be given as to the need for a confidential and anonymous method of reporting. Records should be kept to ensure the timeliness of reviewing disclosures, decisions made and the conduct and findings of investigations.

Prompt notification of issues including where necessary reasons why anyone accused is either told or not told of any complaint will ensure that transparent, clear and proportionate decisions are made throughout the process.

At BGP we have the ability to manage and investigate disclosures on your behalf. Our methods have withstood scrutiny from the courts and other tribunals, and ensure compliance with UK legislation as well as European and other international laws and regulations.