Safety and Security

We provide comprehensive reviews of personal and business security, highlighting vulnerability, whether this may affect yourself, your family, your home, or your business. We have extensive experience in assessing any dangers or weaknesses, and providing cost effective solutions, on how to address any issues, whether anticipated, or current.

The following are very brief details of just some of our capabilities in this field. For a more detailed discussion, and assessment, please contact us.


We can provide tailor made solutions, accessing your level of risk, and provide suggestions on how you can protect your workplace, and reduce the vulnerability of your staff, or customers, to any threats, or dangers. Whether an office, factory, retail premises, hotel or restaurant, our comprehensive security surveys will review existing security, whether this is physical, such as access points, locks, alarms, CCTV, as well as any other measures in place. We will then provide a comprehensive report offering practical and cost-effective solutions, to address any issues that may be pertinent to your business or staff security and safety.

We also have experience in evaluating security arrangements at secure premises, such as cash centres and handling facilities.


Our comprehensive review will assess vulnerability as it relates specifically to your personal security and vulnerability, whether this be yourself, your family, your home, or anything else that may impact upon your safety as you go about your day to day life. Your home does not need to be a fortress, but experience has shown that such a review will identify both security, and safety shortcomings, that can often be addressed in a timely and practical manner, thereby providing you peace of mind, when it comes to the safety and security of your family, your home, and yourself.

 Social media awareness and vulnerability

Social media can clearly be an asset to business, as well as providing significant enjoyment to people, whether enabling contact between friends and families, who are miles apart, or simply updating and informing people on personal or business common interests. However, as with all such things, as everyone is aware, there is a potential dark side, which can cause significant problems to many.

This can range from identity theft, hacking and impersonation, to cyber stalking, and basic vulnerability, such as letting burglars know when you are away, or where you are going to be at a given time. Such issues are not limited to celebrities, or the wealthy, but can be an issue for anybody.

Computer spyware can be installed remotely, via an email attachment, and then hidden on your computer. Our IT experts can advise on such issues, and provide solutions to what can end up being both costly and reputationally damaging.