Wilf Pickles

A security industry professional, with extensive experience in both law enforcement and the private sector.

Prior to moving to the private sector Wilf was a successful manager with the Metropolitan Police Service, the UK’s largest policing organisation. He has over 40 years’ experience in matters pertaining to law enforcement, community safety, corruption, and risk management in a diverse, dynamic, and challenging environment.

Wilf is currently engaged in a number of technology projects aimed at providing both protection and reassurance to UK corporations and vulnerable members of society.

In partnership with Hugslock Systems he is involved in the provision of state of the art systems to protect critical infrastructure. Access covers incorporating this technology are in extensive use in the ‘Safer Cities’ project in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and elsewhere.

Wilf was instrumental in the development of the DIVERT programme and the provision of custody intervention coaches working to divert young adults into training and employment, thereby reduce re-offending. The programme currently operates in London, Lancashire and Thames Valley police areas.

Wilf’s professionalism and extensive operational experience has enabled BGP Global Services to deliver bespoke services to a diverse range of corporate and government clients worldwide.

Email: wilf@bgpglobalservices.com

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