Ian Horrocks

Ian, in common with others at BGP had a successful 30 year career within London’s Metropolitan Police, prior to moving to the private sector in 2007.

He is an accredited senior investigating officer for homicide, as well as having experience in high value and multinational fraud and other major crime. For the last five years of his service he led one of Scotland Yard’s Kidnap and Specialist Investigations teams.

Whilst on the Central London murder team, Ian was instrumental in developing a ground-breaking witness protection system used to protect the identities of witnesses in a trial involving the largest number of protected witnesses in UK history, in proportion to the total.

He is a qualified and accomplished crime scene examiner and is able to utilise this experience in the assessment of major crime.

Following his retirement from the MPS he was the European Director for a renowned business security and risk consultancy based in Hong Kong. He has since been involved in the provision of security advice and guidance to international corporations and individuals as well as advising on crisis management and business continuity.

Ian has been involved for several years with the Metropolitan Police Divert programme. This is a unique, award winning and successful programme aimed at reducing re-offending by diverting 18 to 25 year olds into education, skills training and other opportunities leading them away from crime.

Ian provides guidance for the custody intervention coaches on a pro bono basis, enabling them to operate in a safe and productive environment.

Email: ian@bgpglobalservices.com