Chris Coe

Chris retired from London’s Metropolitan Police in October 2010, where amongst his other roles he was an adviser to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) on matters pertaining to airport and aviation security. For the previous four years he was a senior manager at the Office of the National Coordinator for Ports Policing where he was responsible for the coordination of policing at airports across the UK as well as for aviation security related projects.

Chris was a member of the team responsible for producing the aviation and airport security section of the Policing & Crime Act 2009, as well as the associated guidance material. In this and other projects he provided support and guidance to the UK Home Office and the Transport Security and Contingencies Team (TRANSEC). Due to his expertise in this field Chris devised and facilitated UK wide Home Office workshops on matters pertaining to aviation security. He was also the national police single point of contact for this legislation.

Chris was a member of the UK Counter Terrorism Aviation Work Group and in this capacity was responsible for developing strategies to mitigate airport and aviation terrorist threats in partnership with the Home Office, TRANSEC, the Royal Air Force and the Security Services. He was also a member of the 2012 Olympics Transport (Aviation) Modal Group, whose role is to assess the impact of the games on UK airports.

His unparalleled expertise in this field is underpinned by over 11 years of practical protective security policing experience at Heathrow Airport.