New telephone scam

It would seem that the premium rate telephone scammers have come up with another ruse. This is to send personalised emails requesting a call back to 07031976359. A recent email was as follows;


I have tried calling but got no answer. Can you give me a call.


John Fielding

Another example is


I am currently looking to have a community based website built.
Could you please give me a call to discuss costings.
My number is 07031910960.

Many thanks

John Fielding

This particular email came from and would seem to feature on a number of scam warning sites.

This name and number is just one of many similar numbers in use for this purpose.

Alan Cammidge BGP’s authority on anti corruption strategies says “Everyone needs to be aware that if they receive emails or calls from people they do not know, then be very careful. If in doubt do not contact these people. If they are genuine they will contact you further. Also Google the name and number, this will often alert you to such scams.”