Medicines account for largest EU counterfeit seizures

Counterfeit medicines accounted for 24% of all seizures by EU Customs last year (2011), a recent report claims. A total of 27,460,538 such items were seized. The ‘original’ retail value of these items was €27,638,540 (£21,933,966).

The report on EU customs enforcement of intellectual property rights also states that counterfeit cigarettes accounted for 21% of the items seized.

In total, EU customs officers dealt with over 91,000 cases of intellectual property rights infringements in 2011.

The report states that overall, China continued to be the main source country from where goods suspected of infringing IPR entered the EU (73% of the total). In respect of medical products alone, 68% came from China and 28% from India.

A copy of the report can be found here.

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