Kuwait National and Liberation Days

The following is based upon useful guidance provided by the US Embassy in Kuwait.

The Kuwait National and Liberation day holidays begin this Thursday, the 23rd February. However, the main holiday activities will be on Saturday and Sunday. Festive celebrations, large crowds, and heavy traffic congestion are expected in downtown areas.

There will be heavy traffic congestion and pedestrian traffic from early afternoon to evening hours on and around Gulf Road and in Salmiya.

In the past, the police have blocked U-turn lanes and intersections on Gulf Road, forcing northbound traffic to travel the entire length to turn around. Many celebrants engage in water gun fights, throw water balloons, and set off fireworks as part of these national holidays.

While they are not aware of any specific security threats, you are advised to practice good personal security and traffic safety measures. Avoid crowds, be vigilant of surroundings, and keep vehicle doors locked at all times.