Security remains the number one concern for many corporate travellers, and is often a significant reason why business travellers change from one property to another. Effective security can be a deciding factor when decisions are being made as to accommodation, particularly in locations often considered more of a risk.

Lately, such issues are also becoming a concern for holiday travellers as well.

Reviews gauge many factors that can impact upon the general safety, security, and well being of both customers and staff alike.

Our review is not limited to, but will include the following, as well as any other relevant factors that come to light, or are deemed to be relevant: –

  • Terrorism
  • Identifying safety and security weaknesses
  • Physical security assessment
  • Training needs
  • Crisis management
  • Public safety
  • Any relevant health issues
  • Security systems
  • Guest security

We also consult widely with management and other staff, in order that they can have an input into the report.