Due Diligence

Conducting due diligence is fundamental to knowing your current or potential customer, contractor, supplier, employee, business associate or partner, effectively anyone who you may be considering conducting business or forming a relationship with.

In essence, it refers to the process of ensuring that someone is who or what they say they are, and that they can be relied upon, as well as having the ability and credibility to do what they claim.

This knowledge allows you to be informed, and to identify, manage and mitigate risks, thereby avoiding potentially damaging reputational and financial issues.

Carrying out effective due diligence is an essential proactive tool for any business activity and anti-corruption strategy.

The level of due diligence required to be conducted will vary from case to case, and will be tailored to your specific needs and agreed in consultation with ourselves.

Our comprehensive report will focus on any critical issues that come to light and will include a recommendation as to how we believe you should proceed, following analysis and evaluation of available information.

We are able to conduct due diligence investigations globally, whether by ourselves, or through our partners. We have recently substantially increased our capability to provide such information in respect of the Far East, the Middle East, US, Mexico and Latin America.