Divert – Youth custody intervention

In his capacity as a trustee of the Milestone Foundation, BGP director Wilf Pickles sits on the advisory board of Divert, an innovative custody intervention programme.

Divert is a unique police custody programme designed for 18-25 year olds to promote pathways to education, apprenticeships, employment and to stop re-offending.

An 18-25 year old who has been taken into custody will be approached by a Divert trained volunteer to identify their interests and skills for employment. They are informed that Divert along with its strategic partners may help them achieve their passion and goal.

Once released from custody the youth will be re-contacted by a Divert facilitator advising of educational, training and employment opportunities being offered by the key strategic partners.

The progress of each youth is monitored through the programme and mentoring is also provided where necessary.

Divert has been running in the London Borough of Brixton with outstanding results, and is being extended to Tower Hamlets later this year.

More information on the Divert programme can be found here.