Crisis Management

A ‘Crisis’ can be any situation beyond the scope of normal business operations that has the potential to threaten safety, operations, reputation or business continuity.

The unpredictable nature of crises prevents definitive identification, however below are just some of the incidents that could be considered a crisis:

  • Activity resulting in death or serious injury involving company personnel or as a result of the company’s operations
  • Any activity capable of impacting on brand, image or reputation
  • Any incident likely to disrupt the operations; e.g. technology failure or natural disaster
  • Severe financial or operational impact, if not effectively contained, or managed
  • An act of terrorism or other major crime impacting upon staff or operations
  • Injury or other incapacity (fatal or otherwise) to any key personnel
  • Incidents such as kidnap or extortion.

Our bespoke immersive training will enable you to tackle head on and manage any crisis with confidence, thereby limiting as much as is possible the potential damage that can be caused.

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