Crisis management training

A crisis by definition is generally something unexpected and clearly unplanned. However, just because an incident is unexpected doesn’t mean you have to be unprepared.

Our bespoke crisis management training is tailored specifically to enable you to prepare your response to a specific or identifiable incident that has the potential to seriously impact upon your operations or personnel. This could be anything, and the nature and subject will be decided by you in consultation with our training team. The following are just a few instances, some of which have taken place in recent times that highlight the need and benefit of such training: –

  • 2008 Mumbai terror attacks
  • Disruption during a major international sporting event
  • Attacks on personnel in places of civil unrest
  • Breakdown of utilities
  • Pandemic
  • Evacuation from hostile environment
  • Natural disasters such as the 2011 Japanese earthquake
  • Invasion of company premises

The above are just a few examples of where such training would benefit your company and personnel.

Our training makes use of two state of the art software/training programmes: –

  • LIMIT, our immersive training platform, and
  • FEDS, our innovative software programme which is used to identify the actions of staff as well as gauging understanding and providing valuable feedback.

During training we give guidance on, and make extensive use of decision logs to both record and review rationale.

The course outline and duration will clearly be dependent upon your organisations needs, and will be specifically tailored to ensure maximum benefit.