Crisis Management exercise

On the 4th January 2016, BGP conducted an immersive training exercise with Brentford FC Community Sports Trust. This tested their crisis management policies, procedures, and response. The exercise was hosted by Luke Skelhorn, the general manager of the trust.

The Brentford FC Community Sports Trust, founded in 1987, established one of the first pioneering programmes aimed at engaging football clubs with their communities.

The Trust delivers 32 sports and addresses four key areas, these being; sports participation, health, education and social inclusion.The exercise, which was facilitated by Jim DickieWilf Pickles and Richard Titley utilised LIMIT, our immersive training platform. The participants were able to address many real life issues, thereby coming up with practical solutions.General Manager Luke Skelhorn said ” It was an excellent, thought provoking workshop that tested the escalation procedures with our coaches along with the CMT decision making processes. All the coaches and senior managers found the immersive exercises very beneficial.” 

More information in relation to Crisis Management and our training programmes can be found here.

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