Bribery Act implementation

The long awaited Bribery Act comes into force in a few days time on the 1st July.

The following are links to an article that you may find of use, as well as some other documents that will assist you in deciding how to deal with this legislation, and whether you need to do anything or not.

An interesting article appeared recently in the Daily Telegraph expressing the view that many companies are at risk of prosecution because they have failed to take into account the potential ramifications of this new legislation. The article can be found here.

Details of the general bribery offences contained in the legislation can be found here.

Guidance issued by the Ministry of Justice to prosecutors and other interested parties was issued on the 27th June. This circular can be found here.

Many companies are prepared for this legislation; some are not, are you?

Should you require any advice or guidance on the act, and how it may affect your business, please contact any of the team at BGP.