BGP delivers Crisis Management Training

We have recently delivered the first of a series of crisis management exercises for a global insurance organisation.

This bespoke exercise was conducted by Jim Dickie our Head of Investigations & Crisis Management and utilised our immersive training platform LIMIT (Live Incident Management Interactive Trainer). LIMIT is a collaborative project in association with the Milestone Group.

The series of exercises that formed the training session were designed in order to meet the specific needs of the organisation and its UK based staff. Although this initial exercise was loosely based on a recent incident in Central London where an aggrieved customer caused a siege situation, it was not solely limited to this scenario. The training was tailored to reflect the London operation of this company including such topics as building layout, policies and procedures and staff awareness.

The exercise successfully identified key learning points for managers and staff and ensured that they were able to adapt and improve their crisis management plans and processes in order to be able to respond effectively to any incidents that may occur.

Should you require any information on our Crisis Management Training and how it can benefit you and your organisation, please contact Jim or any of the team at BGP.