UK to clamp down on overseas corruption

International Development Secretary Justine Greening recently announced new support for specialist units in the Metropolitan Police, City of London Police, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Serious Organised Crime Agency.

Crisis Management Training

We have recently conducted a crisis management tabletop exercise for the senior UK management an

Preservation and integrity of exhibits

The Sun has today highlighted the loss of a number of exhibits from famous (or infamous) murder cases. These include exhibits from the murders of Sandra Rivett (Lord Lucan’s nanny), Lin and Megan Russell, and Alison Shaughnessy.

Council fined £250,000 after records found in bin

A Council whose former employees’ pension records were found in an over-filled paper recycle bank in a supermarket car park have been fined £250,000 for the data breach. Scottish Borders Council employed an outside company to digitise the records, but failed to seek appropriate guarantees on how the personal data would be kept secure. That […]

Medicines account for largest EU counterfeit seizures

Counterfeit medicines accounted for 24% of all seizures by EU Customs last year (2011), a recent report claims. A total of 27,460,538 such items were seized. The ‘original’ retail value of these items was €27,638,540 (£21,933,966).