Airport and Aviation Security

At BGP we are able to provide a comprehensive service to assist operators in the planning of airport and aviation security.

We have worked with several international and UK airport operators in providing support and guidance to assist them in the implementation of mandatory airport security planning under the Policing and Crime Act 2009.

In order to assist operators in their compliance we are able to provide: –

  • Analysis and support in developing and maintaining an effective airport risk matrix and Airport Security Plan (ASP)
  • Analysis and support in developing, negotiating and reviewing a proportionate and cost effective Police Services Agreement (PSA)
  • Implementation of a quality assurance process to ensure best value and that, once the PSA is agreed, the airport is only paying for necessary policing at the airport. This process will not only identify potential savings, but will also enable operators to have confidence in the transparency of police invoicing
  • Support and guidance through any dispute resolution process

We provide a discreet, confidential and proven service to ensure that operators can engage with their police and security authorities with confidence and strength gained from an informed position.

Our personnel have considerable aviation security expertise, and can provide solutions to a wide range of airport and aviation risks, both throughout the UK and internationally. This enables us to assist with the planning, management and implementation of multi-agency security and risk mitigation activity to meet the ever-changing threat of terrorist and criminal threats to airports and other transport hubs.